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             Gardening better than Gym    

Forget the gym! Just Garden…

Posted on May 4th, 2017

Gym memberships can be pretty expensive, get out in the garden to get into shape. During gardening it is very beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Doctors actually prescribe gardening as a good form of exercise for adults as well as improving your surroundings it helps to create a good sense of well-being.

Outside work can reduce anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress so it must be worth it’s weight in gold to providing good healthcare. Gardening can offer all round exercise for helping to improve strength and conditioning, it helps for flexibility, reduces blood pressure, diabetes and obesity together with much more medical conditions.

How can gardening burn calorie’s?

  • Landscaping (600KCAL)
  • Cleaning your garden (400KCAL)
  • Planting flowers and vegetation (200KCAL)
  • Watering (100KCAL)
  • Weeding (100KCAL)
  • Mowing the lawn (300KCAL)

How can gardening help your body?

The head
Gardening helps with stress, anxiety and depression, its helps with mental awareness, sleeping patterns and relaxation.

A lower risk of heart attack and strokes, it strengthens the heart and builds endurance.

Bending and twisting helps with flexibility, as long as you remember to bend your knees gardening to avoid back strain. Gardening can create a great flexible body.

Gardening builds a great solid core, bending, kneeling, strimming, raking, mower pushing all help towards a great solid abdominal core.

Immune system
Working with raw soil helps a gardener to build a good immune system.

Quads and thighs
Kneeling, bending and squatting helps build solid quads, this all helps as you get older for strength.