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             how to build a simple decking    

How to build a simple decking

Posted on April 29th, 2017


If you need to test out your carpentry skills then building a decking will get this running. As you confidence increases you can use these skills with any projects in the garden such as fencing.

Step 1
Clear the ground area you wish to plant your decking, clearing weeds, rocks and make the surface level using a spirit level.
Look to sort out uneven ground before you proceed to step 2.

Step 2
Weeds can be a big problem, specially in the spring when they come alive and cover everything. Cover your area with weed control fabric then lay 50mm approx of gravel over.


Decking can be heavy, build your deck on your chosen area.
You then don’t have the problem of trying to relocate it. Ground-level decking is and elevated decking without the supporting posts.
First step is to build you sub frame, outer and inner joists and deck boards. Make sure to overlap timbers at the corners.

To extend your decking outside your joists, you need to join the lengths. Clamp your joists on a work bench, locate your joist cut-off 600mm across the join, you can clamp this to the joists temporarily.
Use some coach bolts from outside of the frame. Using Joist off-cuts (600mm) sandwiched either side of the joins.

Step 1
To build the sub frame, drill holes with coach screws at each corner.
Drill holes through the outer frame to the inner joists.

Step 2
Deck screws will be used to fix the decking to your boards along every joists in your frame. Deck screws are preferred as they won’t need pre drilling. To allow expansion and drainage position your decking 3mm apart.

Step 3

Locate your joins in between each deck board halfway across the joists. The you can screw both of the boards into it.

Step 4
Coat all of the cut ends with preserver to keep the weather out.


If you decking is being layed on damp ground, you will need to raise it off the ground, using concrete with damp proof course.

Lay decking on damp ground-level

If drainage is a problem in your garden, you’ll need to raise your deck off the ground on concrete pads topped with a layer of damp-proof course.