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Seasonal services

Posted on April 26th, 2017


January or February are busy times pruning fruit trees. Manure is spread into veg areas to enrich the soil, flowerbeds can be tidied up to get ready for new plants, add plenty of compost to give the soil more nutrients for growth. Clear all the dead leaves but also remember to keep these for your compost pile. Book a service for your petrol machines (lawn mower, strimmers etc). Clean your out houses out ready for spring.


Prune your rose plants, weed and feed your garden turf and lawns to get ready for the long summer growth.
Sow your vegetable seeds for early spring to allow them time to spring into action once the weather gets better.


Busy…Busy…Busy time for the garden, endless cutting and trimming. Keep your edges neat and tidy to give a great display for your garden. This is also the time to pour a nice cold drink and sit back and look at all our good work hopefully will make you feel. R W landscaping can take care of all these seasonal jobs for you.


Autumn is a great time of the year for relocating and planning for the new season. Prune and trim herbaceous plants/shrubs to remove their old flowers.
After a tiring summer season apply weed and feed to encourage new growth for the next season. Remove any moss and scarify any turf where required.