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Some handy spring tips

Posted on May 19th, 2017

Install water butts – This is a great time of year to install a water butt. Watering with rain water is not only great for our environment it is good for plants such as Rhododendrons. Tap water can be quite hard and contain slight amounts of alkaline. Position your water butt underneath a downpipe to collect as much rainfall as possible.

Treat your wood – Its one of those jobs we all tend to put off because they are quite boring and tend to last a long time, specially if you have lots of trellis and fencing. Its worth doing this type of work earlier in the year so you have more time to enjoy your garden in full bloom. Treat you woodwork with a good wood preservative to give it a long lasting coat especially for the dry and wet winter months.

General house keeping – Have a general tidy, removing dead leaves, twigs, branches and other debris from the borders.

Get ready to compost – creating a compost area on your garden is very beneficial to your plants, it gives you somewhere to put your old plants and creates a nutrient rich compost for you garden plants. Turn your compost regular to ensure it is kept aerated.